The Potter’s House is a nondenominational church, located in the southern sector of Dallas, Texas, founded in 1996. Since 1996, The Potter’s House has grown from 50 families to more than 30,000 members who step out in force, inspired and spiritually armed by Bishop T. D. Jakes to help others in their communities and across the world. Christian Today and the Dallas Morning News tag The Potter’s House as one of the fastest-growing churches in the nation.

The Potter’s House has now birthed three (3) additional campuses, growing into one (1) church in four (4) locations under the leadership of Bishop T. D. Jakes:

  • The Potter’s House of Fort Worth with campus Pastor Patrick E. Winfield II & First Lady Veronica Winfield
  • The Potter’s House of North Dallas with campus Pastor Sheryl Brady & Bishop Joby Brady
  • The Potter’s House of Denver with campus Pastor Chris Hill & First Lady Joy Hill.
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