Welcome to the KEEN Agers of TPHFW!

TPHFW KEEN agers 50+ Ministry is designed to enhance the social, physical, spiritual, educational, emotional and relational aspects of the lives of seasoned adult members 50 years and older. This is all accomplished by conducting fantastic regu­lar meetings, outings, trips, and educational programs, as well as workshops and conferences. “Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.” Job 12:12

Faith & Service

  • Bible Study
  • Intergenerational Fellowship

Health & Welfare

  • Educational Sessions
  • Monthly Senior Fellowships

Culture & Recreation

  • Trips & Tours
  • Cultural Events

  • Senior's Night Out

  • Game Night

Our Story

TPHFW KEEN agers 50+ Ministry is the Senior Adult Ministry of The Potter's House of Fort Worth for members 50 years of age and older. This ministry is comprised of three gen­erations of senior adults affectionately identified by socialist as:

  • The GI Generation (Born 1901-1926)

  • The Silent Generation (Born 1927-1945),

  •  The Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964).

TPHFW KEEN agers 50+ Ministry recognizes the value and utilize the wisdom, experience, knowledge, and talents of adult members 50 years of age and older; to capitalize on the vital contribution they add to the body of Christ; to encourage their commitment to the ministry; and to connect them to younger generations and the broader community.


Deborah Ann Tate-Lewis

Ms. Lewis has a passion for developing, coordinating, and administering events/programs designed to help uplift the hearts and spirits of people in need. To that end, she has served on the Board of Directors of various non-profit organizations for the sole purpose of giving back.

In 2010, Ms. Lewis graduated from The Potter’s House Lay Helper’s Program, a program for spiritual counseling and the God’s Leading Lady Program. She attributes these two programs with having been life-changing experiences that enhanced her spiritual and mental well-being.

In 2014, Lady Deborah helped establish TPHFW KEENagers Ministry, the Senior Ministry at the Potter’s House of Fort Worth, where she serves as Ministry Lead

The KEENagers Council members:

  • Maurine Howard
  • Tommy Mays
  • Gloria Cook
  • Thurman Brookins

Stay connected

  • Events

    o   17May18         Ranger Game or Game Night
    o   21Jun18           Buttons
    o   19Jul18            Bowling/Miniature Golf
    o   16Aug18         Vacation
    o   20Sep18          T2-Live at the Potter’s House
    o   13Oct18          Harambee Festival
    o   Nov                 Game Night
    o   14Dec18          Jazz Night Out